What We Believe

As an Anglican Church we accept the 39 Articles as a statement of belief. In practice this is worked out in the following ways.

The Bible

We believe that the whole Bible is given by inspiration of God. Therefore in our life together we aim to take its teaching seriously and to apply it to every area of life.


We believe that God answers the prayers of his people. Therefore we want to encourage our fellowship to develop their personal prayer life and to be praying with others as often as possible.


We believe that as Christians it is vital to work out our faith together. We need to commit ourselves to meeting together and to love one another by caring and forgiving one another and by sharing burdens and joys. We accept that this will involve sacrifice as we seek to die to ourselves so that the life of Jesus may be evident amongst us.


We believe we must accept responsibility for our own area and to see the Gospel made real to the people who do not yet know Christ. We are committed to serving the community and to showing love in practical ways. We also encourage evangelism amongst our family, friends and work colleagues. We encourage all our members to take an interest in many different types of ministry and mission. We are involved directly or indirectly with groups such as the Brighton and Hove City Mission, Operation Anti-Freeze and the Christian Motorcyclists Association. We also support work overseas such as ‘Living Hope Ministries’ and ‘Link Romania’.

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